1 februarie 2015

744.ARCA Space lucreaza la detalii - centrul de comanda si control al Air Strato

    The command and control center for the AirStrato aircraft, called the Interface, was completed today.
    It is designed to communicate with the AirStrato via satellite, no matter how far away from aircraft. It allows the pilot to view all flight parameters, to program the autopilot or to control the aircraft assisted or in full manual mode. It also enables the pilot to activate or deactivate sub-systems or to interact with the aircraft payload.
    The interface is made of composites.
    Only high quality equipment was used on the Interface: the display, the HOTAS system, the keyboard and mouse and of course the computer.

    A special attention was given to the design. ARCA put a lot of hours in creating a beautiful curved design that complements the AirStrato and Accelerator.


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